Christina Micarelli, Owner
Pictured with two of her pack members, Sire & Wesley!

Paws & Obey Dog Training is a Balanced Dog Training Company based out of Southern New Jersey. We specialize in behavior modification and rehabilitation for dogs any age or breed. We are well versed in Learning Theory, using both Classical Conditioning and all 4 quadrants of Operant Conditioning when working with dogs.

No two dogs are exactly the same, therefore Paws & Obey Dog Training creates specialized behavior modification plans for each individual dog and their humans. We also cover basic obedience training for dogs of any age, as well as dog socialization.

Christina Micarelli, Owner
Pictured Board & Train Graduate Oakley

About Christina Micarelli, Owner & Certified Trainer

As an animal lover my entire life I find nothing more exciting than working with dogs every day. I have always been very interested in learning about how to communicate with dogs, to help their owners understand what they are saying and how to train them to be the dog they were always meant to be.

I graduated from Rutgers University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. This is where I became well versed in Learning Theory, specifically Ivan Pavlov’s Classical Conditioning and B.F. Skinner’s Operant Conditioning. After graduating Rutgers University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology it was clear that human psychology and animal psychology were closely related.

I became the Behavior and Transport coordinator at a local animal shelter where I worked hands on with dogs of every breed, age and temperament.  After several years at the animal shelter I began to realize that in most situations, dogs being surrendered to the shelter for adoption were due to reasons that could easily be altered in the home with training.  This motivated me to start Paws and Obey Dog Training. I left the shelter and graduated from Animal Behavior College becoming a Certified Dog Trainer (ABCDT).  I continue to educate myself by attending Seminars. Most recently I attended Solid K9 Training‘s Jeff Gellman RV Seminar.

I love to volunteer my time working with local rescue dogs and I am the trainer and co-founder for a non-profit rescue called 4 Paws Dog Rescue of NJ.

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