Paws & Obey Dog Training focuses on addressing a dog’s “state of mind” and the relationship between the dog and it’s human. Permission based training, combined with clear rules, boundaries, consistency and most importantly consequences set you and your dog up for a lifetime of success!

Board & Train Program

Board & Train Graduate – Enzo

All Board & Train Programs are designed specifically for each individual dog. They come with a free consultation prior to the dogs stay. During the consultation I will come meet you and your dog (currently due to COVID-19 some consults will be virtual), discuss any issues and goals in more detail, explain in more detail my training style and philosophies, and go over any questions you may have.

14 Day Puppy Jump Start Program – $2,500

Puppy Jump Start Graduate – Shelby

This program is for puppies 8 weeks to 6 months old. It covers introduction to basic commands, crate training, housebreaking, leash manners and dog socialization

• The Puppy Jumpstart comes with a 90 minute “go-home” training session at the end of the program, as well as a 60 minute in-home training session to use within 60 days.

Refesher Board & Train Program – $1,500

Board & Train Graduate – Blue

This program is a 10 day refresher program for dogs who have completed any previous Board & Train Program

• The 10 Day Refresher Board & Train Program comes with a 90 minute “go-home” training session.

3 Week Board & Train Program – $3,000

Board & Train Graduates – Misha

This program is for dogs 6 months and older. This 3 Week Program is NOT for dogs with behavioral issues including: human aggression (history of biting or attempts to bite), dog aggression (history of dog fights or attempts to fight), fear or anxiety. It is designed for dogs with minor behavioral issues such as, but not limited to, leash reactivity, nuisance behaviors (barking, jumping, counter surfing, pulling on leash). It is also designed to fine tune obedience under distractions including training in public and remote collar training.

• The 3 Week Board & Train Program comes with a 90 minute “go-home” session, as well as a two 60 minute in-home training sessions to use within 60 days.

4-8 Week Behavior Modification Board & Train Program – $4,750 (the price is for 4 weeks. $500 per additional week)

Board & Train Graduate – Riggs

This program is for dogs 6 months and older. This 4-8 Week Program is designed for dogs with human/dog aggression, fear/anxiety and/or major behavioral issues (resource guarding etc). Additional weeks may be required which would be determined either prior to or during the program.

• The 4+ Week Board & Train Program comes with a 120 minute “go-home” session, as well as two 60 minute in-home training sessions to use within 90 days. (Any 6 week or more also comes with a 60 minute half way session)

Includes: Paws & Obey place cot, prong collar, Paws & Obey leash

In-home Training Program

In-home Training Graduates – George & Winston

Paws & Obey Dog Training service area for In-home Training is a 15 mile radius of both Collingswood, NJ and Brigantine, NJ which includes parts of PA.

Some exceptions may apply to distances further than 20 miles with an addition travel fee

In-Home Training Sessions

In-Home Training Graduate – Willy

Single Sessions

Dogs under 6 months – $175

Dogs older than 6 months – $250

Packages (6 months+ only)

3 Sessions – $700

5 Sessions – $1,000

Day Training Program

Day Training Client – Louie

Day Training Programs are for any aged dog and designed to provide the dog(s) a full day of 1-on-1 training with a 30 minute sessions with the owners at pick up. This is great for housebreak/crate training issues, dog socialization (non-aggression), learning basic commands and leash manners.

Day Training Sessions

Day Training Client – Tucker

Single Session – $300

3 Session Package – $750

5 Session Package – $1,125

Virtual Training Program

Sometimes it is difficult for struggling dog owners who live far or who have busy schedules to commit to training plans. This is a way to help troubleshoot and train from a distance. Each session will be prescheduled at least 5-7 days prior.

Virtual Training Sessions are done through Zoom or FaceTime

Virtual Training Sessions

30 Minute Session – $75

60 Minute Session – $100

Dog Boarding


Consistency is key when it comes to having a well trained dog! This is why Paws & Obey Dog Training offers Boarding Services for all of our clients. Your dog will receive rules, boundaries, structure and of course FUN while staying at HQ. Boarding facilities and day care environments can create a “free for all” mindset and can cause set backs in the dogs training. What better way to stay on track than living with their trainer!

Space is limited so please try to give advanced notice

Dog Boarding

1 dog – $85/day

2 dogs – $130/day

3+ dogs – $150/day

$25 Holiday Fee applies per dog to all of the following dates: New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day

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